My work was not saved, what do i do?


Yesterday on March 11th, i did a lot of work on my app,
but when i log in today, i dont see it.. :sob:
it looks like all the work done yesterday was not saved.

although i made sure i see the "Saved" indication on top many times during that day.

what do i do??
please help!

Hi @gal.polak! Have you looked in the "view history" option in the top right menu of the editor?

Yes i checked..
My missing work is not there :pensive:

Hmm. Would you mind messaging in on intercom giving me written permission to access your account on our end?

I'll be happy to,
just tell me how to do it :slight_smile:

For anyone else who comes to the thread- we were able to find the previous versions back in the view history tab by cycling through and reverting versions until the changes happened. Most likely what caused it is having multiple tabs open of the same app in the editor- it’s possible for changes in one to save and overwrite the other version.