Allow user to select columns to show in table


I have a table with a many columns, some columns a nice to have and different user want to see different information.

Is it possible to have a selection button like example below?

Maybe with the possible to save the view to localStorage?

If somebody has any idees, please let me know.

Hi @Thore ,

You can set the column being hidden to depend on the selected options of the other component. In this case it seems like it is set to depend on checkboxGroup component.

You can do something like this

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the help

I got this to work by:

  1. Created a drawer under Component Tree and named it "drw_columnselection"
  2. Created a button with icon over my Table "but_columnselection"
  3. Created a Event handler on the the button

Great, thanks for sharing how you got it to work!