Allow specification of table schemas fetched for BigQuery resource

  • Goal: write to a BigQuery table using GUI mode

  • Steps:

  • refresh BigQuery schema in GUI mode
  • table I am looking for does not show up because of the 3,000 tables schema limit from Retool (sorted alphabetically)

Hacky bypass:

  • I successfully wrote to another table using a table name starting with an "a" (circumvent alphabetical sorting)
  • BUT I do not want to rename all my datasets for a Retool app

-> My request is to remove this 3,000 tables limit OR to allow to pick which tables we want to load

Thank you

Hey @Hugo_Hahn, thanks for the request. We likely won't remove the limit, as fetching more and more table schemas has a performance hit. But I've linked this post to an internal request to allow users to specify table schemas to be fetched for use in auto-complete and GUI mode queries. I'll update you here as I get any additional information on its status.