Big MS SQL Schema


I have problem with MS SQL connection. I am connected to big schema a I cannot work via GUI mode with all tables.

Problem is probably with limit 3000 on schema query.

help please



Hi David,

That’s quite a big schema. I think think there is a workaround for this and the only way to work with this schema is to use sql mode. Retool won’t validate the table names and columns, so as long as you know those, you should be fine.

I had in mind a way to change this limit or to allow some filter on object names when reading the schema.

Using SQL is the way to go, but it will be very laborious. I don't know how to simply do updates based on a changeSet array across multiple records and columns.

And I'm not talking about security. I'd hate to overwrite operational data :slight_smile:

This limitation makes Retool more or less unusable for us :frowning:

Is there any example?



and I'm also not sure if the problem is really just the number. Because if it is supposed to load 3000 alphabetically, I can see that my dbo.Tabx_AKINU_Alza_Kategorie table which I can't see is not at the end.

I found a workaround consisting in creating a new SQL user and grant only the necessary objects.