Allow regular components in a table cell

One of the most powerful features of some JS framework grids I have used in the past is to allow you to put any of their other components in a grid cell to represent/edit the underlying data or as an unlinked action element.

Some examples I have used in the past: dropdown control, pills, slider, menus, progress bar.

I know I can somewhat simulate this with ListView, but I lose all of the extra table goodness like sorting, filtering, automatic linking with the data source, etc. - at least not without a lot of work.

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Okay my requirement is somewhat similar to this request. Think we want to make a dashboard with say progress bar for some table data and they will be in the cell how do we achieve that in retool ?

You can do a progress bar using an html column with some CSS.

Go here: Designing in Retool - Google Slides

And look at slide 32 for the code.


Thanks man