Allow add module to expandable row in new table component

Hello, pls allow add module to expandable row in new table component.
In the contextmenu of right click it can't find where to add module to expandable row.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm requesting this :blush:

Any reason this is still not supported?

Not having this breaks the UX expectation.

It looks like we haven't been able to prioritize it yet, but it is something we want to add! I'll follow up here when I get an update internally

I would like this very much as well - right now there's no way that I can tell where we can defer "slow data loading" into the the table

Another thing that would be useful on the same context would be to be able to use reusable queries (or Retool RPC-calls) straight into the table cells based on the current item. Then, we could have "fast data" in the list and "slow data" resolved as you browse