All Retool Workflows Temporal executions fail

We are running workflows on self-hosted Retool 3.16.5, backed by Temporal Cloud.

The workflows don't show any errors in the console, but when we go to the Temporal Cloud UI itself, we see this error:

Error: secretOrPrivateKey must have a value
    at module.exports [as sign] (/node_modules/jsonwebtoken/sign.js:105:20)
    at Io (/retool_backend/bundle/main.js:544:15638)
    at lC0 (/retool_backend/bundle/main.js:544:36652)
    at ly0 (/retool_backend/bundle/main.js:3952:723)
    at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)
    at async uE1 (/retool_backend/bundle/main.js:3964:1702)
    at async Activity.BP2 [as fn] (/retool_backend/bundle/main.js:3964:2429)
    at async Activity.execute (/node_modules/@temporalio/worker/lib/activity.js:38:16)
    at async ActivityInboundLogInterceptor.execute (/node_modules/@temporalio/worker/lib/activity-log-interceptor.js:55:20)
    at async ActivityInboundLogInterceptor.execute (/node_modules/@temporalio/worker/lib/activity-log-interceptor.js:55:20)

This seems to have been working fine on 3.6.5, so maybe there was a regression?

Fixed! We were missing the JWT_SECRET env var in the workflows-worker service.

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Thank you so much for posting back here with the solution, @idrisrkt ! That'll help others who may be running into the same thing and searching for how to get unblocked. Appreciate you making this info available here! :slightly_smiling_face: