Alert actions buggy

  • Details: In a modal for top right action I have a "close" action triggering an alert. The alert is supposed to ask, if users have saved their changes prior to leaving. Now, the editor gets buggy as soon as I try to change the alert heading or description but fully collapses once I try to define a Navigation action for the alert action.

Hello @w7_gmbh!

Could you share a screen recording of the modal and alert behavior?

Hi Jack, Sorry for coming back to you lately. Weird bug which we fixed by updating from 3.52 stable to 3.62 edge.

I wasn't able to take a screenshot of the element NOT being there but took one now (s. below).

Issue: In editor, among other potential tasks, when closing a modal we triggered an alert. The alert consists of title, description and two options.

When clicking on the option to define the query / navigation to be triggered on click (e.g. "Do you want to exit without saving? "Yes, exit" vs. "No, back"), this last screen simply would not appear and the entire screen would close / fall back to the element options.

Basically this made using alerts impossible.
Since 3.62 solved it I just hope the post helps some people understand / solve the issue on their own :slight_smile:


Thank you for the details @w7_gmbh!

I am glad the issue was fixed with the update. What type of component is the 'group_edit' shown in the screen shot?

I am going to try to reproduce the behavior on version 3.52 to learn more. Very helpful post for other users that may be experiencing a similar issue.

Hi Jack,

The component ist a modal. Happened simultaniously on bottom sheets :slight_smile:

An info that might be helpful to add: The details window for the alert would actually open but as soon as I clicked on the Action Dropdown to switch from trigger query to Navigation (and then set "back") the entire Alert menu would basically collapse.

Hope this helps!

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