Airtable API single select

I am building an app that allows a user to use to a single select dropdown to view and update records in Airtable. In Airtable, I have a single select column that allows the user to select a few options including "200_ML" and "750_ML".

When I pull records from Airtable, it the single select shows up as "200 ML" and "750 ML". In retool, I havea single select dropdown called "selectSize" with the options as "200_ML" and "750_ML", so I updated the values of the single select component in retool to be "200 ML" and "750 ML". This allowed me to set the value in the single select dropdown.

When I change "selectSize" from "200 ML" to "750 ML" and try to update it in airtable, it tells me I cannot create a new option called "750 ML". This seems to imply that it converts it from "200_ML" to "200 ML" when I retrieve the record, but it wants to see "200_ML" when I try to update the record. This is the error message:

"error": {
"message": "Insufficient permissions to create new select option ""200 ML"""

I have tried lots of variations in the string, so I don't think its the characters. Has anyone else seen this?

Hi @ppperkins thanks for reaching out!

Can you share a screenshot of your write query? You should be able to use JS to add the _ back into your data.

Or, you could set up your selectSize component to have the underscore on the value, but not on the label: