How to Make Airtable API Visible as a Resource in Retool Dropdown Configurations

Hi Retool Community,

I've successfully created a REST API resource in Retool to connect to my Airtable database and can execute queries like GET-AcaYear which returns data as expected. However, when setting up a dynamic dropdown in a form application, I can't seem to select Airtable API as a resource for populating the dropdown options directly from an Airtable table. The resource selection only shows 'RETOOL DATABASE' and not the Airtable connection I've established. How can I make the Airtable API appear as a resource option for creating dynamic dropdowns pulling data from an Airtable table?

Thanks for any guidance!


Retool Forms is currently only support SQL database at the moment but you can always create own your form and add workflows to submit to any database.

For Dynamic type in select component, we are planning to add 'advance' tab where you can write query like other Retool products so you can call any resources.