Adjusting built-in filter mechanics (datetime)


I appreciate the built-in filter mechanics and I want to use them. My only problem is with date and datetime. My database uses Unix time. It was easy to translate this into a readable format by changing the column type to datetime and changing the format like "dd.MM.yy HH:mm". Now when I want to filter by datetime columns it still requires Unix time input.

Is there any way to add a datetimepicker into the built-in filter mechanics, or modify the filter like so that it works with the displayed format as input?

Thank you very much in advance!

@unableToCope You should be able to format date and time using moment()

Thank you @ScottR, but I'm more concerened about how to modify the built-in filter mechanics of tables( so that I can use a different datetime format as input).

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Hi @unableToCope

Unfortunately, we have a bug where you can't filter by mapped values :disappointed: (only the underlying query data)

Could you use a transformer to change the query data to the format that you want to filter with?

With transformer, I can filter by dates that include "Apr"

Without the transformer, I get no results:

Thanks a lot! That works