AdditionalScope issue?

My symptoms was that scripts associated with buttons nested in lists didn't run properly anymore.
After some testing, I believe that the problem stems from AdditionalScope no longer handling arrays. It will pass on numbers and strings to the function being called, but not arrays.

The workaround that saved my bum was to decompose the array into the individual components I needed and list them separately within AdditionalScope.
So from this:

"userDetails":userDetails,  <--- That's my array that no longer gets passed!

To that:


Where I had to replace userDetails (passed onto the script displayed via another additionalScope in the event handler of a button nested in a list view), by the pieces of information, extracted directly from the same data source that was used to obtain userDetails.

My use case is for 2-dimensional arrays so I have nothing to report or say on other use cases, this all I have observed and tested on the matter so I have no bigger picture to offer at that point.

Try doing a console.log(userDetails) to see what userDetails is.

You can turn on the Mobile console in the app settings.