Adding values of a table into enum options for a field in another table

Hi I am new to retool, appreciate to get guidance on the following scenario:
I want to build a finance table that daily records finance txns. I created a table called Merchants separately and it gets updated whenever there is a new merchant involved in a txn.

In the finance table, i have a column named merchants and is set to enum type. Instead of manually adding the merchants name, any way i can populate the merchants name from the merchant table as the dropdown option for the merchants column in finance table?

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{{}} as the data source... though hard to say without seeing some screenshots and more information

so when i want to enter a row, when i click on the merchant column, there should be a dropdown where i can select the merchant from the list. I want to be able to type a alphabet and can quick search and select the desired merchant

Sorry - I thought you were doing this through the UI and not directly in the database...if directly in the database, I don't think that can be done. But you can do it through the UI if you build out components....not sure of the end goal/use case however.

ahh ok let me explore UI more haha

I think you might be looking for the Tag column type of the table. This can have options mapped to your merchant table enums and should also give you the ability to type/search to select the proper tag, something like this: