I can't setup a changeable tags in retool table

I can't setup a changeable tags in retool table. I have set-up enum field type with options for updating the status .I need to the display the options and make it changeable for the sales team

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Any chance you can share some screenshots?

Sure , I want to setup a changeable tags for the status column in the table where the sales person can update the preset status of the lead in each phase. When I update or change the status it should be changed in the retool database too. How would I do that ?. Tried Every possible way.

What does the column with the tags set up look like?

Hey @Athul_Acute_Angle, it looks like you already have a query triggering on save, which is the right first step. Within your query, you should be able to use the table1.changesetArray to do something like this:

The changesetArray contains only the modified fields and can be used to update your database with any changes made in your table.