Adding user logs for database changes?

I have recently stumbled upon Retool and tried building an app that can provide our back-office with the ability to change/delete records from our client database.
While making the app I realized that we need to know who made changes to the database and after searching I didn't see a feature like that.

Is there any way of adding a logger that will save the changes that users make in the app? I want to specify, I am talking about changing info in the database not editing the app.

It depends on the db type you are using... I have used triggers and functions (Postgres) to capture when a record is created, updated or "deleted" (marked as deleted but not removed from the db)

There's either Audit Logs, or if you're not on one of the plans that supports this, you could (for sensitive stuff), chain two queries per-operation (messy, but functional).

  1. On click -> run deleteEntryLog
  2. deleteEntryLog: add row to database log with value (entry) -> on success (in query settings) run deleteEntry
  3. deleteEntry: delete entry (entry)

Makes sense?

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Yes, I'll try it out.