Add "Set Value" method to Module

I trying to create a very simple module, just 2 text components, one for the label and one for the "value"

in my main app i have a query ta runs ok, so, in the success handler i want to use this module im building, but i dont know how i can expose my module "value" text to being set

as you can see i dont have an set value in method list
Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 13.11.06

Use Run script and use propertiesCountDisplay.setValue('yourvalue')

iam pretty new in retool world

how my module will know what textfield to set?? how can i get the value in module side?

Can you share some screenshots?

its a pretty basic module

display is the input for valueText

Have you read this doc

yes i read it, what exactly i should look for?

finally made it !!!!

in fact i dont need to use the on success handler from query :roll_eyes:

just use {{[0]}} directly in the display prop