Add HEAD action type in RESTQuery resource

Hi dear Retool dream team,

Would it be possible to get the HEAD action type in RESTQuery resource ?

It would be great to get it because I need to only request to get the md5 of the stored object but no need to download it. With a HEAD I can get these information but with a GET I can't because files are too big to be downloaded.

All the best!

Florent from France

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Thanks for this feature request @Floo! I've created an internal tracker ticket for this, for our eng team's review. We'll let you know here if it gets prioritized!

Thanks for being part of our dream team community by helping us with ideas to improve the product! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @kbn,

Have you some news about this request?

Is it simple or more complex than expected?

Have a nice day!