Add 'body' section for HTTP GET requests

After adding a new REST-API to the page; an HTTP GET request doesn’t contains a Body section (which does appear for POST / PUT requests)

I do understand why originally it’s not supported; but HTTP does support this kind of requests; and if an api that expect a Body shows up - there’s no option to sent this kind of request.


I’m in the same situation here!


me too! I desperately need this feature.

same here :frowning:

Is there any workaround to add a Body-section to a GET request?

Hey folks! This feature is actively being looked at by the dev team. I don't have an ETA to share with you but they've tried an implementation and are currently looking at working out some bugs with it.

@henning_dz it's possible to make fetch requests from JavaScript queries but they lack a lot of the infrastructure of REST resources so it might not work for you. Would you mind sharing a bit more about your use case?