Add Collapsible containers on Click


I am building a standardised house inspection app for professional inspectors.

I have used collapsible containers instead of basic tables that reflect each rooms different elements (e.g. type of wall, wall thickness, etc.) due to the limitations of a table and the dynamic usability of collapsible containers (e.g. possible to hide irrelevant fields depending on previous answers). I use radio buttons and input fields within this collapsible container, mirroring most columns in my ROOM table.

Now to my question. I have one Collapsible container for each room, and as different houses will have different # of rooms, I would like the inspector to have an “Add room” button that both 1) UPDATEs the “current” room table row with the populated data, 2) INSERTs a new row in my ROOM table AND, 3) adds a new Collapsible container ready to be populated within its radio buttons and input fields to be populated?

Kind regards

This seems a little more complicated than I would like it to be but your ask would mean that a component automatically gets added to the canvas... I do not believe this can be done. However, if you use List Views and set one row up to contain all that you need, you should be able to copy a row and add it to the list view.

Thank you Scott, appreciate it! I will look into list views and see if I can solve this.