S3 Download - Rename File

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When downloading a file from AWS S3, is it possible to change the file name? For the download I specify the S3 file key in the S3 resource, which is also used as the file name. In my specific case the file is in a folder which has an ID and this ID is therefore also part of the name of the downloaded file. Is it possible to change this file name?

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I have this question too

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Hi @Nightmare and @tgilland, It doesn't look like you can set the file name with the 'Download a file from S3' action type. That being said, you can create a 'Read file from S3' query and run a script that downloads the fetched file on success. This setup DOES allow you to set the file name.

Hope that could work for your use case!

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Thanks @everett_smith , that's what i've been searching for! :+1: