Add ability to control which query builder operators are available for each field

Hi. I'm new to Retool and have a couple questions about the Query Builder component.

  • Small nit, but I think the description in the Docs is placeholder text.

  • When you select the enum choice "Status" and choose "In" or "Not In", the MultiSelect starts with an empty displayValue. Do I need to to clear that out each time or am I missing something?

  • I'm hoping to use Query Builder to progressively filter a Table, curious if this is something you've seen before. I want to start with a table displaying the results of an initial query. Query Builder could then be used to add whatever Rules and Groups, which would trigger both a refresh of the table with the new query results *and* update the Query Builder Field choices with a list of possible choices. For an enum, I would only want to show the options remaining (a select of the distinct values for a given field in the I would also want to allow users to save their Query Builder Rules/Groups so they could come back later and not have to do it all again from the top.

  • Lastly, does this sound possible with the Query Builder or would it require a custom component? I would like to have different filter operators depending on the field's data type -- Enums only get Null/Not Null and In/Not In; Dates would get date ranges, Numbers would get ranges but not In/Not In, etc.



+1 for being able to control which operators are available for which field. It would be awesome to be able to add a key to the field dictionaries for the QueryBuilder, containing an array of the operators to allow.

The docs are updated, thanks!
For the empty displayValue, you can clear that out or set a default:

If you're looking to "save" the new Query Builder Rules/Groups that users create, you'd need to save this info to a db or API.
Yes, you can filter a table based on selections in the query builder. You'd likely want to use a transformer to create a dynamic array of Fields for the query builder component

Then, for your table, you'll add in the query builder rules:

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I'm moving this to a feature request for being able to control which operators are available for which field 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!

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Hello @Tess!

Do you know if this feature has been planned already? Or even released?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @AlexSul! This isn't on our roadmap yet, but we'll post here if we have any updates


Built into React Query Builder already


Is this component on your roadmap? It will great if it can have a fresh new look with some of the features has like drag-and-drop or the one mentioned in this thread

Unfortunately, this component is not on our immediate roadmap, but this request is still being tracked internally - it always helps to hear there is still interest! I've added your +1 internally as well.

it could be even more customizable to be really useful.

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