Action Sheet isn't working properly

Hi, I am trying to create a FAB button, where when the user clicks on it, they get an action sheet pop up with a list of menu navigation items to choose from. Once clicked on the menu item, they should be able to navigate to a different application. But here is what is happening.

  1. I create the FAB component.

  2. Then I create an "on click" event handler to open an action sheet.

  3. I configure the action sheet to have a title saying "what would you like to do?" and a menu item to navigate to another application

  4. I then try to configure the menu item, to 'open app' and then there is an app dropdown. When I select the targeted app, the drop down and the whole view collapses and nothing is saved.

The result is nothing happens.

Hey @Hussein_Ahmed,

Thanks for reporting this bug, we will look into this soon.

Hey @Hussein_Ahmed :wave:

I just tested this out -looks like it is working again!