Retool Mobile Text Input not working in Bottom Up action sheet

I'm getting a few users with issues with the text input component when on a bottom sheet in a mobile view. Basically when the sheet is opened, and a text input box is clicked in the sheet, there are lots of wonky things that happen. On Android it looks like the keyboard pops up then immediately dies and the bottom sheet closes. On iOS it looks like the sheet stays open but the text input component disappears (Scrolls up above the fold) and so you can't see wahts going on.

This seems potentially a recent bug, because I dont remember having this issues ~2 weeks ago.

for now I switched to a modal, to unblock my users

Thank you for letting us know about this, @asmitche! I was able to reproduce bottom screen bugginess and created a report. Hope to have a resolution to share with you soon! :crossed_fingers:

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