Problem with screen action

I am having a new problem this morning when trying to set up a screen action (left or right) for a Mobile app.

I add the action and select the Alert type. This produces two further actions, one for OK and one for Cancel. I click on OK (or Cancel), which brings up a new modal for configuring the action.

There's no problem if I edit the title. However, if I click on either of the dropdown lists, Action or Query, both configuration windows, the one for OK and the one for Action, instantly disappear.

I have tried this on different browsers and different devices (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, iOS and different versions of MacOS). They all show the same behavior. I don't think this has anything to do with app corruption, since it happens even if the app is new.

I have now tested this in another subdomain, with the same outcome.

The Action Sheet has the same problem as the Alert.

I've used Alerts before and configured them with no problem. Any suggestions?

Hey @tslarkin! Ack, this is definitely a bug. Our Mobile engineers are now aware, so it's only a matter of time until it's fixed :slight_smile: I'll keep this thread updated. Thank you for the report!