Access grid-view field when connecting to bq

Hi, I am using gridview component with primary key {{}}. The data source is a bq resource called "Todas_as_decisoes" and has the "id_decision" field as its unique key (id).

In the gridview I am building a visualization where each cointainer shows a user of my platform (a line from this Todas_as_decisoes table).

Within this view, for each user, I want to create the option to update the values.

I have a select element (select138) inside the container that has {{item.job}} as default. But I want to be able to update this item whenever I want.

I'm creating a select for this that will execute a new query in bq called "update_decisao"

UPDATE (table name)


where id_decision={{[i].id_decision}}

I want to know how to put the select138 value of each element there in the query. I'm trying to do this and can't find the correct way to display the data.

If I try to put {{select138.value}} I get the error "select138 can only be referenced in gridView1 because it may not always be available due to performance optimizations."

Would it be possible to do this using a transformer or auxiliary variable?

Hi @lorenacaf, welcome back to the forum! :wave:
What you are experiencing is expected. To be able to reference the value we'll need to store the selection on a State variable. Here is an example.