A drag and Drop component

The idea is for the app end user to be able to drag & drop an image, or a button into a component which can then also be reordered.
Take a simple shopping list for example. The shopping list is in the centre - the images of the various items you want to add to the list are available and you drag the image(s) into the list. They can then appear as cards (with or without text). Perfect for the accessibility where text is too difficult.
I'm looking at potentially integrating this as a custom react component

Hi Peter! There is technically a "Reorderable List" component that might do the trick. It's a older component that is lacking in some features, but supports rendering HTML and reordering elements. I think you could probably set up a button or a form to add more items to the "reorderable" list.

Thanks for the awesome solution = much appreciated - I will give it a try