Drag and Drop Feature - Custom Component

Hi everyone,

Me and my team have been working with Retool to build front-end solutions for us.
However, we would like to opt for a user interface feature that uses drag-and-drop.
See: Deleted for the wireframe and description.
There is currently no 'template' component that has this feature.

Before putting time into building custom components in e.g. React, I’d like to ask about common bugs when using custom components. Furthermore, I’d like to know more about the aspects of implementing custom components into Retool before building them. (please note that I have read the custom components documentation on Develop custom components | Retool Docs )

Would this idea be feasible at all? Would this work smooth in a browser for example? Do we need to look for other solutions? Etc. etc.

Thanks for your insights!

Hi @Pim

By looking at the wireframe, if you're planning to use 2 custom components and plan to allow users to drag&drop between them, you'll have some difficulties, since drag&drop events between two iframes are really hard to achieve.

Hope this help

Thanks a lot for your answer. What about putting both the panels into 1 component? Would that make a difference?

In this case no tech prob from drag&drop perspective.