A bug in "Rich Text Editor" after linking a term

The bug is that I cannot enter any words on "Rich Text Editor" more after I link a term.
Like a picture below, then "Rich Text Editor" doesn't work well.
Which is a big problem for my project.
If you have any solution how to deal with this problem, I hope you give me some tips.


Hi Jumpei! Thank you for the report!

After looking into it, I can confirm this is a bug at the moment. I wish I had some better workarounds to offer immediately, but the best I’ve got on hand are:

  • Dragging a textinput component out to cover multiple lines, and lose the formatting options
  • Insert links using plain text, rather than a hyperlinked <a> tag. If you select the link in the editor and re-click the blue highlighted link icon that will convert it to a plain string.

We’re currently out of the office for the 4th of July holiday, but I’ll sync up with the team as soon as we can and see when we’ll be able to prioritize this issue.

Alex, thank you for the message.

Let me know when you can deal with this issue.
I will wait to hear from you.

Have a good holiday:)


Hi Alex!!

Do you have any update about the bug?
I'm excited to use the component well after your team fixes the issue :slight_smile:


I’m experiencing this as well - would love an update on it as it’s needed for our app!

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Hi Everyone! This bug is now fixed as of 2.61.2, please let us know if you see any related issues!