2 name Filter (text input) components, 1 view table

Hi All. Im new to retool, tried to find a solution here, however the one I have found - the answer was misrouted :slight_smile:
A quick intro:
MSSQL query (same DB, same Table) 2 name Filter text input.
What Id like to achieve is simple:
If I submit data to nameFilter1 > clean data in nameFilter2 > run SQL query [nameFilterSubmitHandler1] > Submit results to table1.
If I run a query from nameFilter2 > clean data in nameFilter1 > run SQL query [nameFilterSubmitHandler2] > Submit results to table1

In table properties, I can select only namefiltersubmithandler1.data or namefiltersubmithandler2.data;
Id like the data be displayed dynamically, depends on which NameFilter is submitted data.

Thank you in advance!

You can dynamically display data in your table leveraging Retool's ability to use java script within your queries. Our docs show examples and guides to do this! Here are the docs on tables as a start https://docs.retool.com/apps/web/guides/components/table

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This post may be helpful :slightly_smiling_face: