2 company accounts; unable to delete 1 account,


we have (by accident) 2 company accounts, one with google login and with without. The one without is where all of our applications are, but we want to improve it to have google login for all employees.

Is it possible to delete the unused account with google login, so we can enable it on the other account? Or should we export/import our applications to the account with google login?

Also the "chat with support" button does not work for me.

Hey there, @crooy! I see the two orgs, one with dev in the subdomain name and one without. Which one would you like deleted?

we would like the one without dev removed, so we can configure the one with dev to use google login

Awesome, you're all set then! :grin: You should now be able to add your company's google domain here to allow users to auto-join.