Writing to nested objects in Firebase/Cloud Firestore using Update Document

Hi there! I'm building an admin interface to manage/update documents in Firebase. I'm trying to get things wired up by testing an update to a single property which is nested in an object within the target document.

The target document looks like this...

And my update query in Retool looks like this...

This is resulting in a new property written into the document, but I'm trying to update the existing property.

I could use some help fixing my Update Document value or any other insight you can provide! Thank you!

I figured it out.

"gameType":{"regular":{"_0":{"visitorTeam":{"notPostedYet": "{{!switch1.value}}"}}}}

@ghostJeffrey Thanks for sharing the syntax that worked back here on the thread, so that others trying to do a similar thing can learn from it! :tada: :brain: