Wrap Column Headers in Table Components

I used global css to wrap the column headers of table components

 .ReactTable .rt-thead  {
  height: auto;
 .ReactTable .rt-column-header-name  {
  white-space: normal;

It worked pretty well in every table across any app,
after the last table update it stopped working.
Can you please advise?

Looks like it changed to .column-header-name. Does that fix your issue?

Unfortunately, I can't get it to work. have you tested it and is it working ?

Hey @p.siontoros!\

Could you try:

.column-title {
  white-space: normal !important;
.rt-th {

Is this what you're looking for?

yes thank you very much!

Hello Chris,
Thanks for this bit of CSS to wrap the column headers.
Trying this yesterday, I noticed a 2 row header seems to cover the first row of the table???
Am I doing something wrong here?