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I can add external javascript libraries from a CDN to my overall settings and running an individual script in the workflow editor does support the library, but running the full workflow does not include the library (errors in the logs). Is this expected or am I doing something wrong? If expected, will there be a fix?

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I had deja vu reading your message because I asked a very similar question via chat yesterday without a response.

Are we able to use external libraries in workflows? If it's planned, any idea for when?

Hello :slight_smile: Custom libraries in Workflows are slated to be supported early next year. There will be a list of pre-specified NodeJS libraries!

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Hi Victoria! Wanted to check if there was an ETA on this one? adding libraries would be super helpful

Hey Steve, just asked the team working on it, will let you know as soon as we have an ETA!

Looks like we’re shooting for March 2023! Are there any specific libraries you’re looking for?

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@victoria definitely ExcelJS. I've been needing this to send multi-sheet reports.

Thanks for the update! Currently i'm using crc-32 from cdnjs to hash values.

Awesome, thank y'all! Just added those to the list

Hey everyone!

We're slowly releasing libraries to Workflows. :tada:

Note: there is currently a static list of libraries. If you want to request one that's we don't currently have, feel free to fill out this form! You should also see a link to the form inside the Library pop up :slight_smile:


This is great! How do you get to the library pop up?

It'll show up in your Workflows! We're doing a slow rollout to make sure we don't break anything and we should be fully released very soon :eyes:

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Hi there. Can we add custom libraries? trying to add turndown.

Hey @ibgoldbergs, right now only the built-in libraries are supported but you can request that turndown be added via this form!

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