Standard libraries not available?

Continuing with my experimentation with Workflows.

At the high level, I'm trying to parse an mRSS file (XML essentially), and for each item within it trigger a REST API endpoint.

I used a DOMParser() in the JS code to parse the XML, like I would in a browser.
When running it as a test locally, it worked:

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 21.30.45

However when I ran the whole workflow, I got an error regarding missing DOMParser:
Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 21.30.59

I assume that's going to be because the UI uses the browser JS engine, whereas when running it, it's all done in NodeJS?

Is that something that will be solved by allowing the use of external libraries in Workflows (which I read is pinned for March this year)?

Hey @wabiloo!

This discrepancy in scope between when the JS query is previewed client side and when it's run on the server is something the dev team is looking to correct! As you mentioned though, they are also looking to support JavaScript libraries which should allow you to specify a library you can use to parse the XML.

Hey folks! Just want to mention that Workflows now supports more JavaScript libraries for those who might have missed it! This includes the xmlparser package which may be helpful here: