Workflows, environments, versions, releases

Hi there. I appreciate that Workflows are still in beta so I'm not sure what functionality is currently supported vs what's expected with a full release. As things stand at present how do workflows interact with different environments, and are there plans to support workflow versions and releases?

Hi @faraday! Workflows + Version History, Release Control and Environments have all been requested internally and are currently in our backlog of features to work on :eyes:

No updates yet, but I'll be sure to update this thread when I have any.

Thank you for your input here and for anyone else interested in these features, please add your +1s! :pray:

Thanks for the feedback.

Hey team, really enjoying workflows but they more I use them, the more the lack of versions + releases is becoming a liability that disincentives load bearing uses. Very difficult to build anything meaningful without the ability to roll back to earlier versions like what is available in Retool Apps.

I'm curious if there is any update on when / if you all are looking to add Version History + Releases here?

Hi there! It doesn't look like our team has picked up this feature request yet, but I shared your feedback & +1 with them!

Hi there! We released version history and release control in Workflows :slightly_smiling_face: