workflowContext.lastSuccessfulRun.startedAtEpochMs Only returning 0

At some point between 2024-04-01 07:05 BST & 2024-04-02 07:05 BST workflowContext.lastSuccessfulRun.startedAtEpochMs started returning 0 rather than the correct value when the workflow is triggered by another workflow or manually.

Running a block in the code that accesses this manually from the IDE returns the correct expected value.

For others: I understand that this error has a fix in the release that is due in the next week or so.

@Tess is there a realise schedule please? Or at least could we have the release date included in the build info in the UI?

I'm still experiencing this issue & I was under the impression it would have been fixed by now...

Hi @mawdo81 Thanks for letting me know! :disappointed: I'll check on this one

Hi @mawdo81 this should be fixed now. Are you still seeing issues?

Also, does this workflow have a webhook return block? We don't support getting the last run for synchronous webhooks

Hi @Tess
Thanks for the updates.

  1. Yes I am still seeing issues
  2. I do have 2 webhoook returns - 1 for error & 1 for success, but this is really an async flow so I don't need these - will remove
  3. Appears to work from the UI now, will assume OK and revert back tomorrow if not ok from a trigger.

Bit of feedback though:

  1. That restriction is not mentioned (at least clearly enough) in the documentation. I know that documentation is the worst part of development work but it is SOO important in a tool such as this.
  2. It did work (even unofficially) until it was broken at the start of April.
  3. The behaviour of a Workflow & its blocks should be the same when running through in the IDE/UI vs when it runs as triggered - otherwise we can have no faith in the IDE experience

Keep up the good work! :pray:

Just to close this out for now. It did work as expected from the trigger.

Thank you, @mawdo81 I agree with your feedback! I'll share this internally, and request that we update the docs