Workflows configuration by external users

Hi everyone,
We are building a sort of task programmer app for our clients. We need to provide a way for each one of our external users to define his/her own schedule.
As far as we know, we can use Retool Workflows to schedule their tasks, but this does not let them (as external users) to define and change the schedule parameters (that is what we are looking for).
Is there any way to achieve this?, or maybe any other approach to solve the issue?
Thank you very much!

you can try to use webhooks to trigger.

Configuring easy cron task with curl command will do.

Or, use tools like postman.

OK. Thank you for your answer.
We had already put that alternative over the table, but this would force us to depend on an external component to manage the cron schedule and trigger the webhook requests. So before going for this way, we would like to be sure that there is not an easy option to (for example) parametrize Retool workflows using vars that can be then set by final user input values or something like that...

Another workaround that we are considering is to define a main workflow with the finest granularity of execution that we need, and to have something like a "filter" inside the workflow to decide if execution must continue (if date time corresponds with a defined execution instant) or not. Do you think this is a reasonable approach, or can "overload" the workflow triggering mechanism in any way?

I am not huge workflow's user and just started with that, sorry.
Just shared one of the approach you can use, that's all.

Let's wait while someone with hands-on experience jump in.

Ok. Thanks a lot in any case!