Workflow triggers and mongodb


Has anyone managed to trigger retool workflows from mongodb database change events?

In the past, I have successfully used mongodb nodejs driver to connect js apps to the mongodb change stream. It's the mongoClient driver that creates the link by providing it with a callback function inside the "waiting app". Each change event generates a callback thread in nodejs runtime. The driver provides multiple tools to fashion events to the need.

To date, all I have found is that Retool Workflow triggers with a provided url call. I have not found a way for the workflow to "listen" to the mongodb change stream.

Taking the case from the other end, I have yet to find a way for the mongodb atlas server to call the retool url with the change stream data payload.

Putting a nodejs app in between would work but defeat the purpose of transferring infrastructure support to the providers...

Any ideas?

Hey @dmnC! This sounds possible (I think). Would you mind sharing some screenshots of your current configuration?

There is nothing to show, I'm at the first box of the workflow ie the trigger box allowing me to select between a cron or a curl trigger.

Ah understood! So at that stage, your best bet would be to schedule the trigger. You can run it as often as you'd like to check for a change and then run any following queries (to check for a change, run an update, etc.). We don't have a way to directly watch for any database changes.