Does Retool Support MongoDB Transactions

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to build an application wherein I need to save the data, uploaded in the table, in multiple collections of a database in mongodb. I am successfully able to save the data in the collections, but I need this to be done in a transaction. So, that if there is an error while processing the data, the entire data saved will be rolled back.
How do I add transactions in retool and go about it??
@Kabirdas @Tess

I am new to retool and mongodb and am still in the learning process. I would appreciate and would be grateful for any help that would be offered.

Hey @Ekansh_Khandekar, unfortunately Retool doesn't support MongoDB transactions at the moment though there is an internal feature request for it that I can report back here on!

I'm not sure we have a clean workaround for rolling back database changes without making separate requests (that could also fail). The best I'm thinking of at the moment is to automatically re-trigger any failed queries, is that something you've already considered?