Workflow - Temporary State


Any way to have a "temporary state" like on workflows ?
I would like to increment a value and in a loop and use it at the end of the workflow.

Thank you

Thank you for writing in @QuentinSc!

I created an internal feature request for this—will keep you posted :slight_smile:

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Quick question—would you mind sharing a bit more about how you'd like to use the value at the end of your workflow?

Hello Victoria,
Sorry, missed your message,
For exemple I have a workflow that checks some value in different API for a list of team members and at the end I'm sending a slack message.
I would like to count the count of results in each API to send it at a total in slack.
So I need to store in a temp state, the count of the first API call, and increment with the count of the second..

Sorry for my english