Workflow - String value referenced from a block not working


Hello there,

I have a very simple SQL query that it is using a data point from a previous block. When the value is referenced using curly brackets, I get a null result, when I use the same exact value without refernecing, I get my results. Not sure if this is the expected behaviour and if I'm missing anything:

That's because we parameterize the query. In the first case, the query is constructed as

SELECT invoice_number FROM invoices WHERE
invoice in ($1)

where $1 is "'INV-0726', 'INV-0728', 'INV-0708'" (a string with those values chained together)

Even though the preview is the same, it's not exactly the same as the latter query.

You should be able to use ANY, with an array of string value (i.e. don't join them) like the suggestion we have in this thread: