Workflow: Sendgrid not accessing {{value}} and passing empty object instead


I am having a workflow that should access my connected DB and send out an email via a loop to Sendgrid. The have done this before, but there seems to be something off now. Whenever I pass the value to field, the UI shows the correct data, but when the workflow is executed, nothing gets passed into it.

This is how it looks in the UI:

And when I execute the workflow and look at the request data sent to Sendgrid I see this

As I said, I am accessing Sendgrid via a loop, to iterate over every row returned from the DB, this is how I have done it in a previous workflow, but this time its not working as expected. The same seems to happen for other fields whenever trying to access the variable {{value}}.

Is this a bug? Or am I doing anything wrong?

I have the same issue! No help yet from Retool.

Good to know! I was starting to doubt myself, but I am quite convinced that this is a bug by now.
I have a workflow with the exact same set up, but there its working.

Help would be really appreciated by the Retool squad!

for anyone from the retool team, help is really appreciated. There seems to be an issue with this. @Jessica_D post (BUG?: Workflow not passing parameters to other workflow) reads like its the same issue, can someone have a look please and let us know what is going on? Just to form some expectations on when this can be potentially be resolved.