Workflow - RetoolDB - Insert All Results of Query Into Table - Error

Please help inserting all records from SQL into an existing table


  1. Trigger daily 5AM
  2. Remove all records from destination table: TRUNCATE ONLY session_logs_processed;
  3. Query source table with transformed data
  4. Insert all transformed records into destination table: INSERT INTO session_logs_processed SELECT * FROM {{}};

Error received on Step 4. Insert all transformed records into destination table

Error evaluating destinationDb: syntax error at or near "$1"
--- Failed running query: destinationDb ---
--- Hit failure ---

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@ryanrunchey, have you tried using the GUI mode when writing to the DB?

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Hi @jocen ,

Yes, after much reading and re-reading, I found that GUI Upsert solution here: 5. Upsert account records into the database‚Äč. Thanks!