Why isn't the Javascript Transformer switch working

Hi, I was hoping to output the textArea1 label with switch. However whenever i construct the switch it wouldn't return the value as expected. I also tried returning some random number but it won't work as usual whenever I construct a switch command. It will only work normally once i get rid of the switch. May I know what is the reason behind this and how should I solve this? Thanks!

Add on:

I have add in the missing "break" in the third case of switch but it is still not working. The preview say that * message:"Unexpected token 'switch'".

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@edison6986 did you find a solution ? i'm trying to do a switch case for color , but it's not working ATM :frowning:
Thanks for your help

switch( ) {
    case {{ getAllAmlFailed.data.length > 0 }}:
        return "#E01E5A"
    case {{ getAllAmlFailed.data.length > 1 }}:
        return "#2EB67D"
    case {{ getAllAmlFailed.data.length > 1 }}:
        return "#116EE3"


Hey there :wave: What component are you looking to change the color on?

There still isn't an answer for this. I'm also trying to use a switch in a JavaScript transformer and Retool doesn't even seem to see it.

I'm trying to change a value based on a user input.

Hi @mathfour Thanks for reaching out! Can you share a screenshot? I haven't been able to reproduce a bug with switch yet

The original example should be factored to:

let refundAmount= {{numberInput1.value}}
let openingBlurb;
case 'Too late':
openingBlurb = "I'm so sorry about your order being late. I went ahead and refunded " + refundAmount+" to your card"
case 'Does not like it':
openingBlurb = "I'm so sorry you did not like your order."
case 'Cancel':
openingBlurb = 'I fully cancelled your order as you requested.'
return openingBlurb

I figured it out, @Tess!

Since my input was a multi-select, I needed to get it out of the array:


(I was testing it, so I wasn't using my actual app with the real user input. In the real app, I'll be using a single select, so I won't have to do this.)

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