Which component is displayed

How do I change the display so the user sees the top of the page rather than the bottom

when the user interacts with my app, he typically sees first a component at the bottom of the page whereas his input filters are located at the top of the page.

i tried at @victoria 's suggestion adding a standalone js query Main.scrollIntoView() which runs automatically on page load.

I believe that query does run, but then the subsequent execution of other scripts (also triggered by the page load) causes it to scroll down near the bottom of the page

Hey @lee_walter!

It might be helpful if we can take a close look at the app itself. If there are a number of scripts that run on page load it's possible that one of those is causing the component at the bottom of your app to be scrolled into focus (e.g. maybe another JS query is also calling .scrollIntoView() on another component :sweat_smile: ). One way to do that is to create a JSON export of your app that you can share with us, or, if you give us permission, we can also step into your org to take a look ourselves!

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Removing the default view from tabbed container solved the problem. Thanks @Kabirdas