Where do I find the pageUuid value for an app?

I'm trying to use utils.openApp() from a JS query and I need the pageUuid for the app in question. Please can you tell me where this can be found? Thanks.

I'm guessing it's some part of the URL but I've tried a few combinations and can't get it to work.

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Hey Jeremy!

if you are using the Cloud version of retool, this will be in the URL of the app here as this UUID after editor/ or app/:

On the self-hosted option, we need to manually enable the uuidAppNavigation flag to use UUID urls for your license key, but this will become the default option for new instances in the near future.

Thanks @alex-w



Just some additional context for self-hosted customers, or if you need to dynamically reference the current app's UUID/URL.

You can now also find the current app's UUID in the retoolContext section of the left panel -> state tab. You can also find the URL in the urlparams section, if you would prefer to use utils.openUrl() instead of utils.openApp() for your use case.