Where can I find the version number of my app?


I'd like to have a text component on my app that displays the version number of the app. Not the retoolContext.pageTag, but the real version number like "1.07".


Depends on the IDE...
The Legacy IDE has a menu top right ... menu click on it and you'll see Releases and history:

In the New IDE it's on the top / side left, click on icon that looks like a clock....
Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 8.09.54 AM

Hey @ScottR,

Thanks, but I need to retrieve it via code. So I can put it in a text label.


@PatrickMast yeah, we've been desiring exactly this for a while now. We have an app that we update fairly often and it would be great to dynamically display the version number, but until the version number is exposed in State Globals somehow, we're stuck manually updating the text component, and it's easy to forget to do that each time.

I found an old feature request on this topic that I just bumped, here