When I try to use a variable in a query I'm getting an error in the developer console

When I try to click on this variable in the drop down, nothing happens. I opened the developer console in Chrome and am seeing an error:

If I type the variable out, then I get a syntax error and can't run my JS code. I just started seeing this this morning. I've cleared my cache, logged out, and also restarted my browser and I'm still getting it.

Is anyone else seeing this issue?

Hi Spencer, welcome to the community, and thanks for writing in! I'll try to find out the answer for you, but in the meanwhile you can check out also our documentation on queries to help you get unblocked.

Hey @spencexyz!

It looks like you're using a JavaScript query here. Can you try referencing segmentedControl1 without using the double curlies {{}}? They're unnecessary in JS queries and can cause errors!