What's the best way of processing data from multiple separate queries?

So, my app starts by letting the user choose a tenant

What i do afterward - is i trigger bunch of queries as seen here, each query eventually can trigger more javascript code to be used in components under my app.

The problem is, that i have multiple queries that i need to process in a javascript code to aggregate and match some data between them (let's say, i need to take some data from the get_tenant_findings and get_integrations),
If i'd create and trigger a separate javascript query and use the results from the other queries - it might be that they didnt finish loading yet, and i'd probably work with stale data.

What's the best way to do it?
I thought about consolidate some queries i run in parallel in a separate javascript query, then on success trigger the match logic, while assuming if i trigger them through JS code, the components will be synced with them.

but is there any recommendation of how to solve this?

Have you thought about creating a control block that awaits completion of various items that need to run in series? Or if they always run sequentially, putting them in the "success" event trigger of each other?