What is the general approach for this kind of user interface?

Hi All,

What is the best approach for this type of arrangement (See image below)?

Case 1
the data that we will use will be in the same table, but whether it goes in the left field or the right field will simply depend on a boolean value. So, I'm thinking - two queries, two tables - and the main difference being true or false in the boolean value.

This Boolean value is changed by pushing the button which runs an update script to change this boolean value

Case 2
This will be different tables, and depending on whether it is on the left or right will depend on whether it belongs to a parent_id or not.....

Just a general approach to this would be helpful for now (sorry - I'm quite vague - as we haven't built yet, but i'm trying to design it in my head for now).


Hey @maillme!

I think there are a couple of threads exploring similar patterns to this. This is one thread that may be helpful and this is another one.

Can you let me know if either of those offers some useful ideas? Happy to explore further with you and try to answer any questions that might arise :slightly_smiling_face: